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Why do Real Estate Agents Join Tag Lending Group?

Why do Real Estate Agents Join Tag Lending Group?

Check the Amazing Realtors who join Tag Lending Group

HubSpot Certified Partner


Tag Team Nation, Tag Lending Group sister company is partners with HubSpot. We have built a proprietary CRM/CMS system for loan officers and realtors, title insurance, inspection company etc.

Our HubSpot Tech Certified Virtual Assistants can do it all!

See below and click learn more to see attached VA brochure..

TAG Lending Group
VA Manual

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To know more about what our Virtual Assistants can offer you, check out our Tag Lending Group VA Manual.

All our VAs are certified with HubSpot 😉

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Check our 14.5 Days to Close

14.5 Days to Close

Loan Officer Compensation Agreement

Check and download Tag Lending Group compensation structure.

**Loan Officers should have their NMLS ID # and License #.

*The Co-Origination/Lead Generation Agreement is between Loan Officers A and B. When the lead is obtained from Loan officer A’s contacts/realtor. Loan Officer B performs the origination tasks and funds under Loan Officer B’s name. I (Loan Officer B) hereby consent to receive a lead from (Loan Officer A). Both parties agree to refrain from conducting direct or indirect after the lead is dispositioned. Both parties shall maintain the confidentiality of all such confidential information.
(Loan Officer B) shall: (check the box below) ☐ on behalf of receiving a lead from (Loan Officer A)
(Loan Officer B) shall not pay the affiliate (Loan Officer A) for any leads.

TAG LENDING GROUP Licensing States