Why Tag Lending Group?

  • Wholesale Mortgage Company

  • Proprietary AI Mortgage Solutions Roadmap to Homeownership will give the Realtor/Borrower a comprehensive Homebuyer analysis.

  • Our Artificial Intelligence system provides you direction and clarity, while our licensed Mortgage Loan Originators hold your hand throughout the process.

  • Very Competitive Interest Rates

  •  No Junk Fees

  • Same-Day, Approval Process

  • 13-21 Day Close

  • Several Investors/Banks to correspond with giving you multiple loan options.

  •  Let’s TAG TEAM This Deal

Tag Lending Group’s workflow methodology and support system equip Loan Officers and online net Branches with the resources they need to grow their businesses. — 

  • Very Competitive Interest Rates

  • No Junk Fees

  • Same-Day, Approvals

  • More products you can imagine

  • Highest payouts/splits in the business

  • Choose your Underwriter to assist you with your pre-approval for all of your loans (Loan officer assistant on steroids) 

  • Select your processor and go bring in more loans


TLG 24/7 ONLINE SUPPORT (someone is always ready for a live support session located in the Philippines)

  • Tag Team Nation Marketing support -We have our talented Virtual Assistants that will boost your brand recognition and help organize your database. 

  • HubSpot CMS/CRM Systems support - We are certified Hubspot Partners that can help you in growing your business by assisting you in building your CMS/CRM system

  • Each Loan Officer/Branch will get full access to this already plug n play platform

  • Human Resources support - We have an AI hiring form that is ready to ensure that you have gathered comprehensive, accurate data from all your MLO applicants.

  • Payroll/Accounting support- Our virtual assistant can manage QuickBooks, and our ADP accounts handle, invoices, billing, and basic bookkeeping. 

  • On-boarding support without Learning Management System (LMS) helps you and your team how to scale your business.



  • Fully automated marketing emails to create presence and rapport with your clients, via Email, Text, Call, and Video.

  • Fully automated marketing to referral partners

  • Fully automated processing (speeds to make your head spin)

  • Fully automated AI Forms that will help you capture leads and turn them into clients.

  • Our AI Mortgage Solutions Intake forms help you filter and organize your database

  • These forms also help organize your Realtors database when sending potential prospects to you.

  • The forms will score the potential borrower allowing you to truly understand the borrower's pain point and customizing a Roadmap to Homewoneship for them.

  • Each MLO has their own website/landing page

  • Each MLO will have a dedicated Virtual Assistant Hubspot Speacliast 

  • Each MLO will have their own Mobile Applications

  • Each MLO will have their own slack channel 

  • Each online net Branch will have its own HubSpot Portal which is its own data to keep!



  • Complete set of turn-key platforms, marketing, and support available from Day 1

  • Fully integrated and fully automated CRM/CMS systems.

  • Our company offers social media and content management for businesses that need extra support. Our service covers all social media platforms, posting, and engagement.

  • We have Email marketing and drip campaigns that are automated making it simple to reach out to the correct audience at the right time without having to put in any extra effort.

  • HubSpot is the number 1 Marketing CMS system in the world. If you can think of it we can build it for you! 


UNIQUE PRODUCT OFFERS (and so many more)

  • Conventional

  • FHA and VA are down to a 500 score

  • VA No Escrows 

  • Jumbo Fixed/Arms

  • Jumbo No MI 

  • Foreign National Jumbos

  • Construction “One Time Close”

  • Bank Statement Programs (for self-employed)

  • NO DOC Programs (for investors)

  • Hard Money & Fix and Flip Programs

  • Commercial

  • Reverse Mortgages

  • Crypto


  • Stop losing deals to rates (your customers are leaving even if they don’t tell you)

  • Time slows down your sales process when a client can actually buy

  • Stop saying no to self-employed clients that cannot show tax returns

  • Why are you wondering why other lenders can take clients as low as 500 credit scores

  • Stop tolerating poor service from your underwriters and processors who do not care about your files or even remotely want to think of a solution.

  • Imagine if you have the technology to filter your lead. How much time would that save you?

  • Imagine if you had AI filter the Realtor's lead? How much time would that save you?

  • The Winner’s Choice) with a processing company that is hiring processors. It offers customized processing solutions to provide you with the best product and service. 

  • Fully automated workflows that significantly accelerate the process (Our AI Roadmap to Homeownership)

  • Fully automated processing methods that keep you and your partners informed round the clock.

  • You no longer have to chase down your conditions we do it ALL for you!

  • True A-Z processing (submit at purchase contract and forget it – Underwriter assist and  processing handles the rest)

  • Processors are COMMISSIONED ONLY and based on speed (they are motivated to close deals)



  • Loan Officer Splits are paid aggressively “We Automated That” 

  • Branch Manager opportunities with a full automated P&L “We Automated That” 

  • No need to spend money on Accounting “We Automated That” 

  • No -need to spend money on Human Resources “We Automated That” 

  • No need to spend money on Operations “We Automated That” 

  • No out-of-pocket costs at all “We Automated That” 

  • Retirement Revenue – Continues after you retire from Tag Lending Group

  • Insurance Revenue – Your family receives your income when you cannot



  • Lead the Borrower/Realtor to our AI intake form “We Automated That” 

  • Data push into HubSpot CRM/CMS system (Marketing Begins)

  • Data push into our LOS system “We Automated That” 

  • Pre-Qualifying client “We Automated That” 

  • Gathering Docs as needed “We Automated That”

  • Submit to our Underwriter Assist channel “We Automated That”  

  • Processing Licensed MLOS will handle the rest of “We Automated That For Winner’s Choice Processing, LLC” 



  • Let’s Tag Team This Deal™

  • Must be a licensed Mortgage Loan Originator with the NMLS.

  • Medical (multiple plans to choose from)

  • Dental

  • Vision

  • Life Insurance

  • Legal Services with NOW CFO